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Trend Questions: More Visuals?

October 27, 2009

I have fallen deeply in love with graphic facilitation and graphic recording at face to face events. As the person doing the graphics, I listen much  more deeply. That is saying something for someone who often talks a lot. But more than that, I have found that images are:

  • …negotiable. Unlike words, where we make a silly assumption of accuracy, we are often comfortable asking about an image and entering easily into a conversation.  This has been particularly important for me when working in intercultural settings where figuring out if we are all talking about the same or different things is REALLY important. Stories are conversation starters and help us make meaning.
  • …validating. When someone takes the time to draw pictures about what someone said, they feel heard and validated. They tend to really enjoy seeing the visual artifact of their words or presentation and often take it with them.   Pictures about us make us feel special. (I know that can sound a bit precious. But give me some slack!)
  • …stimulate memories. Often graphic recordings of events make little sense to those who weren’t at the event. But when they hinge upon a central image or metaphor, they help us remember an event or a conversation. They are an interesting reification of what happened. Pictures help us remember.
  • …anchor stories. When I have to explain what went on in a meeting, I love having the graphic recordings to tell the story. They prompt me through the key moments and conclusions. This can also be done with a slide show of photographic images. Photos help us tell stories.

As a result of my love affair with images, I now:

  • try to embed a picture in every blog post
  • link to pictures in delicious and Twitter
  • embed images in discussion forums and email threads
  • bring paper and pens to share at all face to face events.

What are you seeing in your practices in Australia (and elsewhere)?

Are you interested in Graphic Facilitation/Recording yourself? Come to the events in Sydney – Graphic Facilitation Hands-On Workshop and Sydney Facilitators Meetup on Nov 9th.

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  1. October 31, 2009 6:36 am

    I support the use of images in teaching, learning and growing. The beauty of using images is that one supports and caters for different learning styles. Some people aren’t able to listen only, or read only. I personally remember content and learn by using images. Isn’t that why Tony Buzan’s mind map concept started a wave of mind mapping and imaging tools?

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