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Trend Questions: Community “management?”

October 29, 2009

Having been in the “online community” world since around 1997, I have seen “community” ebb and flow. What is different this time around is the credibility that is given to those talented individuals who help steward, facilitate, care, lead, host, cajole and even “manage” online communities. While we can quibble for hours about the definition of online community (and what is or isn’t a community), the role of supporting these things finally has arrived with legitimacy. (That means people sometimes actually get PAID to do the work! Amazing!)

In my work, I am finally seeing people budget for this role – even in tough economic times. “Build it and they will come” has finally come and gone and people have gotten serious about the strategic use of online groups, communities and networks and thus are willing to invest in their care and feeding.

What is happening with online community management in Australia? Is the role legitimate? In what fields? What kind of value is placed on the role/job?

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  1. November 5, 2009 11:27 pm

    In our case there may be two roles concerned with management of the on line community:
    1. We plan a body of professionals who will work with clients through the site and they will need someone to guide and assist them on issues such as moderation and online protocols especially where they are inexperienced in this kind of environment. This will require a person with some subject matter knowledge who ideally will have some professional experience
    2. We also envisage a more technical marketing role for someone to ensure that the site receives maximum visibility through other online and other media channels to drive traffic to the site.
    This is all still in the planning stage so we can’t speak from experience!

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